Blockchain is a revolutionary method of recording and validating digital transactions through digitized distributed ledger technology. What makes it revolutionary is its ability to provide incorruptible, non- duplicable, and non-editable ledgers that can be shared and validated by everyone simultaneously through an open-source, decentralized consensus (peer-to- peer network), yet controlled by no one, which removes the dependability on trusted centralized 3rd parties.

Clearing House
(centralized ledger)
Financial intermediaries (Today)
  • Requires trusted, centralized intermediaries
  • Batch clearing and settlement
  • Higher fees and costly infrastructure
Financial House
(distributed ledger)
Blockchains Protocol (Emerging)
  • No intermediaries required
  • Faster processing and management
  • Lower fees and reduced infrastructure cost

How it works?

Each newly requested digital transaction is broadcasted to a peer-to-peer network of computers (nodes). Each node within the network competes to validate the transaction by solving complex mathematical algorithms. Once the transaction is verified, it is added to a new block of data for the ledger along with other verified transactions. This new block is then added to the existing blockchain permanently, in which the data within the blockchain can never be edited. The node which solves the mathematical puzzle and verifies the transaction is then rewarded with a prize, such as a Bitcoin.

About Us

Comprised by a team of entrepreneurs with dynamic backgrounds specializing in each aspect of a successful business, we are big believers in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, and how it will be part of our everyday lives in the future.

We are committed to providing simple solutions to the average person. It is our mission to make your experience with our company successful and profitable.

To thrive in this age of digital transformation, you have to dream big. Push the boundaries of technology. But just having groundbreaking ideas isn't enough. You need to make them real. We eliminate the entry barriers and obstacles derived from the continuous evolution of blockchain technology, and make it possible for all of our friends, families, and everyone in between to benefit from this opportunity.

It's what we do and what drives us as a company.


Sophia Wong

Co-Founder, MineXempire

Sophia Wong is one of the leading entrepreneurs with over 22 years of experience in technology, finance, operations and international business. Sophia's most notable venture, in the technology industry, resulted today in what is known as, one of the largest, digital media companies in the world. For the last 10 years she co-founded a successful nutritional supplement, body care and organic essential oils business that spans more than 10 countries globally, mantra is to Live Bare. Sophia came from humble beginnings and her hard work and dedication lead her to her success today. Sophia's expertise and knowledge in network marketing has proven her leadership and guidance, has lead thousands to the road of success. Sophia is living proof that hard work, motivation and perseverance leads to the financial freedom we all strive for. Her passion is to be able to empower others, and her success has been the biproduct of her passion.

Minnie Baral

Co-Founder, MineXempire

Minnie Baral is President and Founder of Spectrum Real Estate Network, based in Chino, California. For over a decade, she has established a passionate presence in the surrounding communities through her professional career and other ventures. Not only a Residential and Commercial Real Estate Broker, but also a Mortgage Loan Originator and Property Manager, Minnie brings a wealth of knowledge to her peers and clients. In 2015, she opened a popular, Hawaiian Poke restaurant called Oke Poke. It now spans through many cities in Northern and Southern California with a chain of 10 locations, including inside Angels Stadium where the Los Angeles Angels currently call home. With her latest venture, she is one of the founders of MineXempire. It's no surprise Minnie has been nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year, among so many other awards and accolades!




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